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Cahoon's Market

Cahoon's market is your one-stop-shop.  Whether you are looking for a bottle of wine to go with dinner, freshly-cut steaks or the fixings for dinner itself,  we've got all the groceries you need! Our full-service deli offers the highest quality Boar's Head meats and our local produce is the freshest around. 

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Service and Selection...

Cahoon's Market strives to offer genuine customer service and a variety of products to meet all of our customer's needs.  We have a line of gluten-free products, imported fine chocolates, and imported olive oils.  We have olives for all occasions and the fixings to make your own sushi.  Come see our selection of specialty marinades, in-season local produce and fresh NC Peanuts.

Try our popular fresh-to-go foods from our deli. We've got chicken salads, local-catch tuna salad, and more made fresh daily.  When you don't have time to cook yourself, pick up a meal that tastes as good as home-made...if not better!

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